Monday, June 11, 2012


I wonder if you can relate, joy is very much a present moment experience and one that too few of us really get to experience as often as we would like.

I recently took a intro class to inner relationship focusing with one of my favorite teachers and she spoke about a quote from Marshall rosenberg who founded nvc that I had not heard before: He says to do everything in life with the same joy that a little child has when feeding hungry ducks. This two day workshop was particularly poignant for me because the subject was how to listen deeply to all the different parts of your inner experience, the good the bad and the ugly that you really wish would go away. And what I realized is that true presence is about connecting with a feeling of energy, joy, love and that it is possible to connect with such experience no matter what is going on in our external lives or internal lives. Indeed it is when we bring this joy and energy to the table that the shitty, tense , angry, fearful parts start to loose their potency.  I learnt that I can be angry and joyful at the same time.

Not bad for a two day workshop. I will definitely be signing up for the year long course. I really celebrate that there are many people waking up to our potential for more joy and energy in our lives and hope to participate in helping as many people as I can start to believe that it is possible.

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